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Omni-channel, communications (phone, email, and text messages) creates best customer experiences

With a 100% Cloud solution, conversations are no longer limited to the traditional voice channel. PhoneCall agents can communicate with customers through automated email and text message services. Setup is already in place to increase agent productivity.

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image features

3 years recording storage and call history perpetually accessible

Whether it is for training or audit purposes, all data, and full recordings, are stored and searchable for 3 years at no additional charge.PhoneCall audio recording feature is an efficient solution to recording inbound and outbound calls. Every interaction is securely logged in compliance with industry regulations. Recording files are compressed, encrypted, and securely archived. Call history remains available for viewing over the lifetime of the contract..

Text to Speech

PhoneCall offers a "text-to-speech" technology that is incredibly close to the human voice. This automates the most time-consuming tasks for agents, allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks. Speech synthesis generates significant cost savings while facilitating interaction with customers, and making possible to implement more campaigns in your contact center.

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Automated database compliance

PhoneCall is the only solution automatically compliant with France, United Kingdom, Canada and United States regulations. Automatic compliance allows PhoneCall clients to avoid tedious listings validations that may delay campaigns by several hours.

SLA for an impeccable service

PhoneCall being entirely Cloud-based, all resources linked with contact management, licensing, bandwidth, routing applications, and gateways are shared. You can then use them only when needed. PhoneCall guarantees a platform availability of 99.95%, and discloses the current status of each service, along with a performance summary spanning several years.

Furthermore, your data are completely safe. All transmissions occur through 256-bit SSL protocol, while the most sensitive data is encrypted at storage time.

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Accelerate the digital transformation of your contact center