What we Offer
Sell smarter and faster with the world’s only contact center solutionthat scales seamlessly to the needs of telemarketing & lead generation.


Folow your Call Center TeamQuality Monitoring

PhoneCall allows you to easily monitor agent performance to ensure that quality standards are being met. Simply click on an agent’s name and you can immediately listen in without the agent or caller knowing. This tool will help you to ensure a more positive customer experience and to provide data-driven feedback and coaching to your agents.

Listen to Any Call

Managers can listen to any call in real time. They can also escalate from silent monitoring to “barging in” to speak with all parties when necessary. This feature is ideal for training new agents, resolving disputes effectively and case collaboration to expedite problem solving.

Train Agents Effectively

Replace manuals and lengthy training protocols by allowing new agents to monitor calls being handled by your most seasoned agents. With PhoneCall, you can train agents working from home or in the office while ensuring they meet quality standards.


micky-intelligent-dialer-01-01Intelligently adapts to the number of agents and the answer rate, providing low and consistent wait times. With unlimited concurrent calls, you never have to worry about running out of capacity.

Increase calls per hour by up to 90% and up to 30% more conversions

Predictive dialing

Start talking to customers as soon as they are available. Your team can spend as much time as possible on productive calls by using predictive dialing to reduce inactive periods and maximize talk time. Connect to a new customer mere seconds after finishing the previous call by intelligently dialing ahead and removing answering machines and inactive lines in advance.

Our predictive dialer algorithm makes calls at a carefully-determined rate, keeping your team productive and motivated without overwhelming them. Whether you’re making sales calls, confirming bookings or performing an entirely different task, predictive dialing ensures you’re making the most of your resources.

Preview dialing

Preview dialing gives your team the information they need to serve customers efficiently with a complete history of previous interactions and notes to review before calling them.

The preview time can be configured to suit your business to allow your team more preparation time before a call and choice between dialing home, work or mobile phone numbers.

Progressive dialing

Help your staff work through their workload by automatically dialing the next customer when they finish a call. Progressive dialing automates the time-consuming process of dialing numbers and waiting for an answer. Removing the need to manually dial reduces wait time, eliminates errors and dramatically increases productivity.

Our dialer will present your team members with a new call when the customer picks up and they can start the conversation immediately.

Inbound & Blended

Creating the right first impression when engaging with customers and prospects is critical to delivering an excellent customer experience. To do this effectively you need to have an efficient inbound call management solution.
Impress your customers by handling incoming calls quickly and efficiently. Seamlessly combine your outbound campaign with inbound capabilities by intelligently routing inbound calls to the first available, most qualified agent.


Real Time Analytics Call CenterReal-time metrics and custom reporting tailored to your teams and campaigns. Track your goals, both performance & financial, across your entire contact center without the need of a Data Warehouse orthird-party Business Intelligence solution.

PhoneCall provides dynamic views, real-time and historical reports making it easy to keep tabs on the pulse of your contact center. With a single dashboard, supervisors can access information on current state, as well as historical, metrics across all teams and campaigns. The supervisor dashboard is the “control center” of the contact center, giving supervisors the information they need to operate efficiently.

Call Activity Reports

With the call activity reports, you can visualize the most relevant metrics for calls-including a breakdown by call type, state and outcome. This allows you to analyze your most important call center KPIs so you can make data-driven decisions.

Agent Performance Reports

Agent performance reports enables you to effectively supervise your team without being physically present at all times. It displays agent metrics such as total calls, average & total wrap-up time, call duration and availability. With these reports, you can compare agent metrics with your team goals to help identify agents who need additional coaching, as well as those who deserve recognition.

Disposition Reports

Our disposition code reports details how many times each of your disposition codes were selected for each campaign, team or agent. This data may help you to identify sales pitch issues, analyze team performance, track contact changes, identify geographic regions for expansion or quantify other types of data that may be relevant to your contact center.

  • Team performance reports
  • Campaign reports
  • Time activity reports
  • Contact reports
  • Contact segmentation reports

PhoneCall enables supervisors to better manage agents and track Key Performance Indicators.

100% CLOUD

micky-100cloud-01-01Access Anywhere

Have agents working from anywhere in the world.
No hardware to purchase, no software to install. Follow agent, team & campaign progress, listen to and join conversations.

Say Goodbye to Call Center Equipment and “It Takes Too Long and Costs Too Much”

Developing contact centers “the old way”, with on-premise hardware and software, was complex, expensive, and very time-consuming. Moving your contact center to the cloud changes everything. Now, you can just say “no” to all the challenges of doing it the old way.




Say goodbye to:

  • Large upfront investments
  • Expensive hardware
  • Long deployments
  • Managing complex infrastructure
  • Complex software
  • IT change backlogs
  • Difficult upgrades
  • Managing multiple hardware and software vendors
  • Managing multiple carriers
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Overbuying capacity to accommodate seasonal peaks
  • Long user training and ramp times
  • Paying for complex features you’ll never use
  • Hidden fees


micky-super-sla-0199.95% platform availability guaranteed

As PhoneCall sits in the “cloud”, rather than on your physical infrastructure, all resources associated with contact handling – licences, bandwidth, routing applications and gateways – are shared so you only use them when you need them.

Current status of each service is provided here, together with a summary of performance over the past years.

Better Security

With a cloud contact center solution, your data is stored securely in the cloud. All data is encrypted in transit using 256-bit SSL & sensitive data in encrypted at rest as well.


3 years Storage Call CenterWhether for training or audit purposes, all data, including call history & full recordings, are stored and searchable for 3 years at no additional cost.

Our call recording feature is an efficient solution to recording inbound and outbound calls, on-premise or remote employees, or home agents.
PhoneCall makes finding call records and recordings trivial. Each interaction is securely logged in compliance with industry regulations. Recording files are compressed & encrypted and can be kept on a need-to-know basis by restricting playback access to authorized users or roles.


micky-pay-as-you-go-01No minimum fee per user

While competitors may round usage up to the nearest minute or x-second interval, or impose a minimum duration per call, PhoneCall counts usage by the second, period.
Only pay for what you use. We like to keep things simple, so you can easily manage your costs and avoid unexpected bills.

– No setup fees
– No connection fees
– No minimum call charges
– Per second billing

PhoneCall offers both per seat and per minute models. Please contact sales if you wish to discuss seat prices.


  • Campaign
  • Target
  • TTS
  • Mail SMS
  • Click to Talk
  • Compliance, quality, security

  • Real Time Analytics
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Multi Device
  • Chat with you team
  • Call history
  • Contact Recycling

  • No soft Phone
  • Support Free
  • Geocoding
  • Palmares
  • Choise of you Phone numbers