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PhoneCall is a modern solution for contact centers. 100% Cloud-based and AI-driven, PhoneCall improves the results and lead generation of campaigns while being agile, scalable, secure, and a balanced combination of technology, service, and people.

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PhoneCall improves lead generation and results of outbound marketing campaigns

Fully Cloud-based, PhoneCall generates significant infrastructure costs savings compared with traditional systems. With PhoneCall, a campaign is user-friendly and ready to setup and roll out, regardless of location.

Driven by cutting-edge technologies, PhoneCall has developed an AI dialer leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence to outbound campaigns. In the meantime, machine learning capabilities make it possible to predict the availability of agents and prospects, and optimize campaigns. By using PhoneCall contact center solution, customers will quickly observe an increase in productivity, ranging from 70% to 100% based on the number of calls and the conversation rate. PhoneCall strives for blending cutting-edge technology with a reliable and highly available customer support and scalability. Running a measurable and performant outbound campaign has never been as easy and user-friendly.

PhoneCall does not require any subscription or any license purchase. In addition, the solution is immediately up and running.

PhoneCall is a startup founded in 2016,
and a technology partner of Amazon Web Services and Twilio.

PhoneCall emphasizes on Contact Center As a Service (CcaaS) and provides unlimited scalability and fast deployment.

Accelerate the digital transformation of your contact center