Sell smarter and faster with the world’s only contact center solution that scales seamlessly to the needs of telemarketing & lead generation

Change your call center life

We offer you a way to forget all the hassle of Call Center technologies

No more never-ending waiting time
Find out more about our intelligent dialer and all the precious time it allows you to save
No more Technical problems
100% Cloud solution which finally free you from all the technical issues you’re dealing with
No more lack of productivity
Plenty of features which will finally help you focus on your goals and your core business

Our awesome Call Center Solutions

Just for you and your salesteam made with love


Intelligently adapts to the number of agents and the answer rate , providing low and consistent wait times, unlimited concurrent calls. You never have to worry about running out of capacity.


Real-time metrics and custom reporting tailored to your teams and campaigns. Track your goals, both performance & financial, across your entire contact center without the need of a data war-ehouse or third-party BI solution.


Whether for training or audit purposes, all data, including full recordings, are stored and searchable for 3 years at no additional cost.

100% Cloud

No More patching, upgrading and testing aplications.
That’s because it’s all handled in the cloud, leaving your staff with more
time to work on your core business.


Have agents working from anywhere in the world. No hardware to purchase or software to install, setup instantly using the latest in WebRTC and ORTC technology. Follow agent, team & campaign progress, listen to and join conversations at the push of a button.


Check the status of each service is provided here. PhoneCall tests the performance continuously 24×7.
Lookup the summary of performance over the past 12 month.


Just type your text and PhoneCall will speak the message into all called answering machines. Text to Speech is an easy way to add dynamic voice to your phone capabilities. Unlike pre-recorded audio, this feature can be used to deliver personalized spoken versions of text which include the contact’s name and the number to call back.


Use segmentation to filter your main contact list into sub-groups based on existing or collected contact properties. These filters, called segments, can be applied to your campaigns allowing you to target only the people who are most interested.


An intuitive simple script builder that makes it easy for users to quickly compose and modify powerful real-time Script for agents.
No more complexity – it’s hidden. Just point, click, drag and drop. No coding required. It’s that easy!


Upload millions of contacts and sift through them effortlessly. Select and segment your target contacts. Search through years of call history & agent activity to detect trends and determine best practices.


Connect instantly with customers and leads on a website with in-browser calling. No need to enter a phone number and wait for call practices.


Following a multi step procedure found somewhere in the manual is a thing of the past. Today, FTC, FCC, CRTC & Ofcom compliance is but a click away.



Our Values

With PhoneCall, the number of phone conversations nearly doubled.

Simple, efficient
No hardware to purchase or software to install. That’s because it’s all handled in the cloud, leaving your staff with more time to work on your core business.
Per sec billing
Pay-as-you-go. No minimum fee per user. While competitors may round usage up to the nearest minute or x-second interval, or impose a minimum duration per call, Phone-Call counts usage by the second. period.
Quality & Security
Not all cloud platforms are created equal. Behind the guaranteed 99.95% SLA is a robust and reliable infrastructure with a dynamic call routing engine which uses real-time quality metrics to traverse IP networks and 3200 carriers connected in local data centers distributed across 7 regions on 5 continents. We use a multi-layered approach to protect our customer’s information and meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.